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From our hands, to your table; Bosky Acres


At Bosky Acres our families' passion is the centered around the incredible dairy goat, and the wonderful milk they provide.

We are located a stones throw from Waxhaw, in the rolling landscape of southwest Union County, near Charlotte, North Carolina. It is on our farm we make fresh unripened goat cheese (Chevre) for local farmers markets, area restaurants, and regional whole foods groceries. We don't ship our cheese, because staying local guarantees a great product for our customers.

For millenia, cultures around the world have enjoyed nourishment from dairy goats, and this hardy, intelligent, and affectionate friend continues to provide wholesome and sustainable products for all to enjoy.

We work to give our animals a healthy environment,with lots of fresh air, pasture, and browse. No hormones are ever administered, and antibiotics are never used for healthy animals.

Our goal is wholistic management, which we believe not only provides the best milk possible, but complements our values of sustainable practices. And that is the basis for making a Chevre that not only tastes great, but is good for you, good for your community, and we hope, good for the planet.

So take a few minutes to look around, and when your ready for some goat cheese, come on out to the local Charlotte farmers markets, restaurants, or groceries, and enjoy local foods and local people.

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